Start at the start and keep working

Home renovation is an odd place to find life lessons but the work we are doing now seems to keep throwing them up!

The hubby and I have a flat that we rent out for extra income. When we checked it out after the tenants left last week it was in a really awful state and I was feeling a bit despondent at how we were going to get it renovated in any reasonable time. The carpets were beyond filthy, so were the walls which had the added bonus of holes, the beds were broken and the kitchen was disgusting. Our letting agent has some questions to answer.

Like anything the answer was simple, start at the start and keep working!

I had some work lined up which fell through at the last minute and strangely it has been a blessing as I’ve been able to spend all time cleaning, painting and filling holes! I was really disappointed not to get the work but doing all the decorating has probably saved as much as I would have earned. Nice little bit of synchronicity!

A week on and the work has finally paid off and it is starting to look like a home. New carpets go in tomorrow and it will be transformed 🙂

So where’s the lesson? When you’re overwhelmed it’s easy to look to the negative. I’m terrible for it. But in reality, negativity doesn’t get things done and certainly doesn’t make you feel better. The renovation projects are teaching me that even if you can’t see the end and you’re not completely sure how to get there, it is worth beginning. Do what you can, challenge yourself to do more, accept help and keep laughing. Negativity only holds you back, it never moves you forwards.  That’s a pretty good analogy for living isn’t it?!

Today I’m grateful for making progress and having the strength and health to have done this much.




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2 Responses to Start at the start and keep working

  1. Start at the start and keep working. Great piece of advice and exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you! : )

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