100 Days of Grateful – 1






Getting back to normal after a holiday is always a bit of a struggle for me. This year seems particularly hard because we had such a wonderful time, filled with amazing sites and experiences, and, now that I’m freelance, I didn’t get pestered by work. Bliss.

On holiday I seem to appreciate things more because they are different and new. It’s somehow easier to experience life with awe because I’ve stepped away from the everyday. Coming home I’ve stepped back into chaos! Our church renovation is in full swing, we are doing work on our house before we sell it and family life has gone a bit mad.

To keep that holiday feeling going I’m taking a leaf out of Oprah Winfry’s book and trying to be actively grateful for what I have every day and write these down each day.  I’m hoping it keeps the warm fuzzy holiday feeling going a bit longer!

My weekend was filled with things to be grateful for.

1/ my sister in law and her husband came to visit and rather than going site seeing, they helped us pull down lath and plaster from the roof area. Probably not much fun for them on their weekend but having four people working and cleaning up made such a huge difference I nearly cried!

2/ my husband. I don’t normally gush but he really is the nicest, kindest and most supportive man you could hope to meet 🙂

3/ my health. It’s been nearly six months since I left my crazy job and only now am I starting to feel strong and healthy. It was a hard decision to leave but I really believe it was the right one and I know I am incredibly lucky to have been able to take time out.

Happy Monday!






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