Shopping plastic free, or trying to!

After my plastic audit I decided to make more of a conscious effort to avoid plastics in my shopping today. I didn’t get to plastic free but I did make some changes for the better.

Here’s how I did

Vegetables – these were all bought loose.  IMG_0197[1]The mushrooms were in a paper bag which I will keep to reuse. I used plastic bags for the carrots and potatoes but the bags were reused from my last trip, washed and dried in-between. I thought this would raise fewer questions in the supermarket but next time I’ll try some cloth bags.  By reusing them at least I’m prolonging their useful life rather than disposing of them. Annoyingly the peppers and aubergines had plastic price stickers on.

Meat – not so good here. Both the chicken and bacon came in plastic with no obvious alternative.

Milk – plastic again.

Cheese -not a wax wrapped cheese in sight so plastic crept in here again.

Honey – I dodged all the plastic squeezy bottles and bought the glass one.

Painkillers – paper packing but plastic inserts, is there a viable alternative here?

Chilli powder – this left me scratching my head a little. Refill with paper packet and plastic insert or reusable glass jar with plastic lid? I went for the glass but I’m not sure how these compare in energy terms.

Shopping bags – no plastic used here!

All in a better effort but very far for plastic free!! How do you shop for plastic free meat?




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6 Responses to Shopping plastic free, or trying to!

  1. Hi Louba, do you have a butcher you can use to get plastic-free meat? We have a local one that sells bacon by the slice, and you can bring your own containers. Might be worth checking out!

    In terms of medicine, maybe don’t give that up if you need it! : p I have two options – we can buy ibuprofen in one store in a plastic bottle that is PET (plastic #1) which is easily recycled. Or I found a place that sells 16 ibuprofen tablets in one blister pack (most other shops use two for the same number of tablets). The first option is more recyclable but more plastic; the second one is less waste overall.

    Chilli powder – you could make your own! Buy some fresh chillies, dry in the oven and grind in a pestle and mortar or a coffe/spice grinder. Or buy a chilli plant?

    Just a few ideas for you to think about! : )

    • Thank you!! I used to grow chillies but hadn’t thought of drying them – that’s a great tip! Unfortunately I don’t have a butcher that is very local although there is one a bit further out – frustrating that I live in a city but have to go to a village for a butcher! I haven’t been brave enough to try my own containers yet, I mmight try sending the husband first, hee hee.

  2. Lynnie says:

    Jamie Oliver does small spice jars that are like mini kilner jars so glass body, ceramic lid and metal closures, no plastic at all. You could buy spices from bulk bins in several places locally (I used to like the one in Stonehaven) and decant in to your own wee jars.

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